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Johnny Wilson
  • Johnny Wilson

Amateur Photographer - Mental Health Case Study

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Just a quick blog post: I chatted to Amateur Photographer recently about how I use photography as a form of escapism and as a coping mechanism for managing my anxiety and the anxiety bought on by the stress in my professional life. I don't tend to talk about my mental health much or broadcast it across the internet, but if one person reads what I've shared and turns to photography for the same reasons I did, then my work here is done!

You can check out the article by clicking this bit of text. And also check out some of AP's other features, they shared a great guide on picking up used second hand cameras recently and I now want a 70D! It's the only photography magazine I take time to read, and it taught me everything I know about the more technical aspects of Photography. They are definitely worth your time!


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